Export Simple:

What and how much can you export?

  • Goods produced in the country, new, that are not reached by suspensions, prohibitions or quota for export
  • The weight of the shipment can not be greater than 300 kg
  • The value of the merchandise can not exceed US $ 15.000
  • The maximum annual export amount is US $ 600.000

Benefits of Exporta Simple

  • You will receive the refunds and refunds that correspond directly to your account. If you do not have, you can access a bonus account. Meet more
  • You can export small volumes and several different products in the same shipment
  • It is not necessary to be registered in the register of exporters and importers of Customs
  • You do not have to do paperwork, you can do everything from a computer
  • The operator goes to find the merchandise wherever you want and sends it to the destination of your choice, without third party intervention
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