General Resolution AFIP N ° 4450-2019 - Modification of export limits

The aforementioned resolution establishes that the amounts of export and import of merchandise by companies qualified and registered as PSP / Courier Postal Service Providers were equated, establishing it in US $ 3.000 of FOB value (Free on Board). In addition, the number of annual shipments is maintained at five.

Bliss resolution establishes that PSP / Courier Postal Services Providers may make the import or export request for consumption in simplified form, provided that:

a) The FOB value of the merchandise to be exported does not exceed $ s3.000 for each sender of the shipment.
However, this amount may be exceeded, when the shipments are directed to different recipients and each of them does not exceed $ s1.000.

b) The FOB value of the merchandise to be imported does not exceed $ s3.000 for each recipient.

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